A Journey Through Autism with the Angels

How do I begin?...

It doesn’t really matter how it all began. The how or the why isn’t as important to me as it used to be. There came a time I finally understood that I was chasing shadows on the wall in trying to find the cause of our youngest sons autism symptoms. The same shadows on the walls that he would sit for hours watching dance back and forth so contentedly when he was first stricken with the condition. He seemed so peaceful doing so, and inside I was anything but. I was on a rampage of despair trying to wrestle this “A” word to the ground with every intention of putting it into a strangle hold and killing it. I was hurt that that our trusted Pediatrician had assured me giving so many vaccines to our little boy would be safe. I was angry that the ER doctors didn't suggest probiotics be given during all of the antibiotics so his gut health may have been saved. And I was devastated that our beautiful, healthy-born son had been injured this needless and senseless way. The guilt I carried for allowing all of it to happen, even unintentionally, was too heavy for my heart to bear. Now though,  so many years later and none of that matters anymore. It truly never did. The reason I mean. The why’s of what my little boy had been diagnosed with – Moderate autism. We were told he would never speak, would struggle to learn in school, and would likely be anti-social his whole life. We were instructed to put “supports” in place for his future so that when we were dead and gone, he would be taken care of. Doctors and therapists said there was little chance for his independence.  I had a choice to make and that was to believe all of this negativity or to reach for a better thought. Guess which one I choose? So, I got to the work of helping my son to heal. Little did I know then that our son wouldn't be the only one that needed healing.

Heal The Gut - Heal the Mind


After years of therapies, medications, and consultations with specialists with little results, a friend mentioned over coffee that she had healed her severe gut issues by drinking "Kombucha tea."  I was intrigued or maybe desperate enough to check into this so-called healing beverage that would essentially change our lives. First starting with store bought and then becoming brave enough to make my own, within approximately three weeks time my child felt better! He began to put two words together, to focus and used the toilet properly for the first time in his life. I began thinking that if a fermented tea could do this much for my boy in such a short time, what might other fermented foods be able to accomplish? This fermenting highway I had jumped on took off like a speed racer going 100 miles per hour and I never looked back. It was, in my eyes...a miracle.

In time, through a careful diet of real foods, following the GAPS and SCD diet protocols, going wheat, dairy and sugar free, as well as by removing dyes, artificial colors/flavors and  eliminating all processed foods.


Learn More about the GAPS & SCD Diet Here!

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