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Let’s see, what can I tell you about me, myself and I?…

Organized Chaos

I’m Erin and I play the role of “super mama” to five sons. We are a blended family which has proven to be full of lots of trials and tribulations over the years since we were all placed in a tossed salad of life together, but we have an unbreakable bond that proves blood is not always thicker than water. I am truly blessed to have raised three biological sons and to have been given the gift of also raising my two “bonus” sons as well. Suffice it to say our home has had it’s fill of testosterone over load — and yes, I may say a secret prayer at night for some granddaughters in my older age. (Wink, wink.)

Thin Blue Line

I am a fiercely proud wife of a Senior Law Enforcement officer and Coast Guard Veteran. When I first began dating my husband, I thought it was pretty cool and let’s be honest, kind of sexy too, that he was a police officer. When we were married and I watched him get ready for work all spiffy in his uniform with that intimidating gun belt around his waist, I ranked him up there with Chuck Norris. I would learn as the years passed to view my husbands job, the uniform, gun belt and badge on his vest with a deeper meaning of respect and honor. From the first fallen officer’s funeral I attended when we’d been married only two years and where I sat nine months pregnant with our youngest son in the church pew staring at the American flag draped casket several feet in front of me to the 21 gun salute. Being a police wife proves to be a challenge of keeping my emotions in check and my worries at bay every time my Officer and a Gentleman leaves for another shift to walk the thin blue line. I have gained not only a husband who is an LEO, but a family by his brothers and sisters in blue.

The Simple Life

I was raised in a small, rural town until I was a “tween” and then my parents moved us to the big city. I promised myself someday I would get back to small town Midwestern living, but that opportunity would not come until I was in my mid-forties. My husband and I recently decided to sell our big home in the “burbs” and move into the wilderness. It was one of the most freeing decisions we have ever made. Nature is only second to what Heaven must be like.

Why the Healthy Gut Kitchen?

When our youngest child was diagnosed with autism at three years of age I went into battle mode and set out to heal my child. I became a master researcher, a  self taught Chef/Foodie and Fermenter and a lover of all things gut healthy. Through his recovery I have found out so much about my own healing and have dedicated my life to sharing how to live a healthy, happy and peaceful life – Mind, Body and Spirit.

ENOUGH about me…

I created this website/blog as a place for you to come and find what just might tickle your fancy and get you motivated to start your road to a healthier, happier life in the right direction. You will find a plethora of healthy information here for your home, family, mind, body and spirit. I don’t believe in coincidences — you stumbled across this site for a reason. Now, let’s find out exactly what that reason is for you! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and browse away. Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to have a chat.

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