"Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food."


Hi there! I'm Erin, the "Healthy Gut" lady and my hope is to help you and your family live a life that feels alive by using food as medicine and by maintaining healthy lives through natural living protocols. I offer practical resources and helpful tips including real food/gut healthy recipes, natural remedies for a healthier home, ways to feel more balanced and grounded in your life along with lots of encouragement, inspiration and more!

My Story (In a Nut Shell)

Several years ago life threw me a curve ball and I forgot to duck. It hit me square in the face and left me feeling as if I were sinking in quicksand for a very long time. Our youngest child was born beautiful and healthy, but at a year of age he got sick for the first time in his life and was diagnosed with severe gut dysbiosis including candida (yeast) overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome. This caused further issues within his body including speech, focus and socialization issues. By three years old he was given an autism diagnosis, and I felt as if someone had placed us at the top of a very large mountain without a way down.

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you can't see the whole staircase." MLK

So, I did what any mama who loved her child more than herself would do, I went into battle mode to heal my son. Against all odds it would seem, because I was told there was no cure and there was little hope my son would even speak again. In my mind a belief was just a thought I'd keep thinking and that thought would be that my son would heal. For years I immersed myself into researching any information I could get my hands on to help my son to live his best life. In order to do that though, I felt I had to put my own self care up on a very high shelf for another time. All of my energy, attention and time was dedicated to his healing, not to mention our four older children who needed me to be present in their lives as well. My hard work and diligence paid off as I found the causes of my child's symptoms and ways to heal them through mostly natural remedies and treatments. I rejoiced as my son was getting better, but I soon realized in my efforts to heal him, I had forgotten to take care of my own self. Thus, began a journey turning my focus back to my own health and happiness. Read more HERE about my sons healing through fermented foods and how using yoga, meditation, exercise and a real food lifestyle I made my journey back to a healthier, happier me.

More Tid Bits About Me & the HGK.

Once upon a time I really disliked cooking. I was the first to admit I was no Betty Crocker, plus I really preferred eating out to pots, pans and making a mess in the kitchen.

Then my son got sick and needed a clean, healthy diet to heal. That's when I discovered that I do some of my best cooking, creating, and healing in my kitchen. It’s where I sit on my laptop and journal, it’s where I create delicious, gut healthy foods for myself and my family, and it’s where I feel the most intuitive and inspired only coming in second to being outside in nature of course. It also happens to be where my family gathers together the most.

So,I invite you to take a seat at my table, grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me for a chat about life, love, spirituality, diet, foods, healing, and more. It is my honor to have you here.

"Bless the Food before Us and the Family Beside Us."

  • I play the role of super mom (without the cape) to 5 sons.
  • I'm the owner of a natural home cleaning business.
  • I'm certified in Reiki (I & II) healing techniques.
  • I love crab legs and salmon, but loathe shrimp.
  • I'm married to a Coast Guard Veteran and Senior LEO.
  • I love animals, especially dogs and have a Great Dane.
  • I live on several acres in a rural area of the Midwest.
  • I absolutely adore thunderstorms and chaotic weather.
  • I drink 2 cups of organic coffee every morning (black).
  • I love to cozy up with a glass of vino and blog.
  • I ferment foods for our family every week.
  • I love hummingbirds and feed them by hand.
  • Yoga is my favorite exercise.
  • I love anything having to do with Angels.
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